Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pretty Pantaloons PDF Sewing Pattern.

Jeans are great, but at times I just want to feel more dreamy yet still be practical.
The solution.....Pantaloons… they have revolutionised my wardrobe!

Wear them under or outer and if you already have the Verity Hope dress or Easy Fit Pinafore they go hand in hand...

- This is a downloadable PDF sewing pattern.

- Pattern is multi size - SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE.

US Size: Small~4/6  Medium~8/10  Large~12/14
UK Size: Small~8/10  Medium~12  Large~12/14

25"-27" Small 63 - 69 cm
28"-30" Medium 71 - 76 cm
31"-33" Large 79 - 84 cm

35"-37" Small 89 - 94 cm
38"-40" Medium 96 - 102 cm
41"-43" Large 104 - 109 cm



1. Fabric - I used a linen/cotton blend. Fabrics that have a bit of weight hang nicely.
You will need to cut out: 2 x back, 2 x front, 2 x frills
Amount: 2.75 cm (3 yards) - based on fabric width 90-92 cm (35-36’)
With wider fabrics you can use slightly less. Lay pattern pieces out before buying so you can see how your templates will fit.
2. Elastic
3. Sewing machine (I use a beautiful 80 year old hand-crank machine).
4. Thread, scissors.

Perfect for summaer days...

And goes hand in hand with...

'Verity Hope dress'


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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Mary Beth Afternoon Tea Dress

This is an afternoon tea dress I made.  I named it the
It was inspired by the styles of the 1930s.

 Here's what I did... I had some linen fabric lying around but had never really liked the colour of it, I love pink but there was something about this particular tone that just didn't inspire me so I took the plunge and dyed the whole remnant green!

I absolutely love colour dying it's so rewarding, trouble is once I start I can't stop and end up adding half my wardrobe into the dye bucket each time.  But it is fun and I love to throw lots of different colours into the same bucket of dye and see how each shade transforms.  Some work, some don't, but hey ho that's all part of the fun of the unknown!

For the pockets I used tea.  I love the effect tea staining has, it brings such character to trimmings and embellishments and is so easy to do.  

My sister had just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka and had brought mountains of loose tea back.  Perfect!  I couldn't resist, and of course it meant we had lots of cups of tea that week too.  I left the fabric to soak in the jug for only a couple of minutes, it's such an easy and rewarding small pleasure.  Easily pleased me!

The apron dress wraps around the back and does up with a button at the neck.  You can see the button hole on the left and the button on the right is just for decoration to balance it out.

I decided to use satin bias binding for the edges to add a bit of glamour.  The ties thread through slits at the sides and front and are made from a silky lining material. 

For the pockets, I cut up an old embroidered linen napkin purchased from the charity sale I always go to.  The colours of the flowers were the inspiration for the whole colour scheme and I still have the other half of napkin to make something else with. 

The sleeves simply tie up which means the whole apron dress can open out almost flat for hanging.

I wanted to soften the neckline up a bit so decided to do a simple embroidery design embellished with flowers.  It had the effect of widening the neckline.

I really enjoyed making this outfit.  I used a lot of hand sewing as well as machine sewing (using my beloved hand-operated machine of course!) and it was worth the effort.

The Mary Beth Afternoon dress is now SOLD

but I have lots of pretty feminine dress patterns in my two Etsy shops:


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Monday, 13 April 2015

Cath Kidston...ish!

I found a lovely wodge of material whilst walking through Mapusa market in Goa a while back.


It was kind of 'Cath Kidston...ish' and so utterly irresistible.  I couldn't pass by and after a quick negotiation bought the whole lot from the stall holder!!  I think he was rather pleased....and so was I!!

I was also wanting to experiment using cap sleeves...

As time was short, I used local tailors to make the dress up for me.  

Here's the pattern if you would like to make the Verity Hope dress...
The Verity Hope dress pattern is available from these two Etsy shops as instant downloads...

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Perfectly Impractical Feather Duster!

Who needs practical things just to be practical...when they can be totally impractical!

I think this is perfect for swishing through all the fairy dust in the air...and it will still keep pretty!

Loving those colours...

And aren't those pretty feathers simply delightful?

I love half dolls, they come in so many varieties and I would like to use them more often...

Any suggestions?

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