Saturday, 9 May 2015

Lavender Fields

'By farmland and fields where lavenders sway...
Honey bees gather and butterflies play...
Where laughter and love is all that you know...
There lives a young girl named Verity Hope.'
This pretty little embroidery is perfect for embroidering in a 6" hoop.

It uses very basic embroidery stitches, extra long stitch and short stitch.

It is very quick and easy and ideal for a novice or those more experienced needleworkers wishing to do quick, relaxing armchair project.

It is stitched using six strands of embroidery thread and cotton perle no. 5 in order to create a puffy textured effect. This of course can be customised to your own liking.

The pattern is available for instant download from these Etsy shops:

 Happy Stitching!
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